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Photo by Esther Riess


I am a downhill skater, artist, designer and adventurer.

I travel a lot, absorb my environment and use the world as my creative outlet.

My design style is colourful and varied, and I love to mix sound, video, and art to make something completely unique. I don't to be limited just by designing on screen, and bring phisicality and an experience of...


InDesign, Premier Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and

Adobe After Effects



Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Print, Editing, Film, Photography, Handcraft, Longboarding, Racing



Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts

(Middlesex University, Central Saint Martins UAL)


German, English, Italian



I´m a workaholic, skateaholic and part(y)aholic...

choose what you like best and pay me for it ;)

Downhill Skateboarding

I skateboard every week, and you can come and watch me at Crystal Palace Park Concert Bowl or Greenwich Park. 

I have competed in european races in Czeck Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway Slovenia, the UK as well as in asian races in the Philippines and China. I am very much a part of the skateboarding community. In the women's world ranking I am currently number 5 and in Europe I am 2nd. My ambition in future is to skate, race and have fun as much as possible!

A video I edited from our Spain skate trip

I make things happen

Graphic Designer/Freelance

I love freelancing because of its flexibility and the variety of different projects I can be involved in - in the past few years, I have designed flyers, EP covers, magazines, logos, posters, t-shirts, packaging and five books. 

One of my favourite projects was designing 3 different longboards, building them myself, creating the corporate identity of the company that sells them (Leitenhax), and incorporating this identity into custom printed designs using wood, spraypaint, foil, vinyl and glue.

An edit i had my fingers on for BTR Leathers company owner Ras 

Skate sessions in Madrid, Spain.. (I´m the blue shirt:) / edit by JennyRain)

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